Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arizona State Fair

Our Homeschool group went to the AZ State Fair. We had a great time. Victoria was very excited about the rides. The other kids aren't too hip on roller coasters (neither is their Dad). But Victoria wanted to go on just about everything. It just so happened that rides were $1 and if you read three books you also got three free ride tickets. What a deal. Of course we really enjoyed looking at all the animals and the art entries. My quilt that I entered didn't win anything. Jared and Daphne's artwork didn't either. And Kaleb won an Honorable Mention. Last year, all three of them placed a ribbon. It was still fun entering something though.Here is Daphne proving that you are never too old to ride the carousel.Victoria brought 4 quarters of her own money to buy a ticket. She was really cute how she bought the ticket and then walked through the area chosing which ride she wanted to go on. This thing she is riding in is a helicopter. The boys claimed they looked freaky to them. Victoria enjoyed herself. When it was all over and she came walking out the exit gate to us, she looked so grown up. I almost cried on the spot. My babies are no longer babies.This has to be the largest habitrail we have ever seen. Someone only counted three hamsters enjoying this mansion of tunnels.This is kind of funny. Kaleb got talked into going on this roller coaster. Victoria wasn't too sure the first time around. She was a little scared over the speed until she saw me and I gave her a thumbs up. She was laughing after that. Kaleb on the other was too much. The poor guy. I told him I wouldn't make him go on another ride like that again. I was informed that "Kaleb was scared Mom..." I told him I was proud of him for going.
AAhhh. Aren't they cute. Jared is just about a month away from braces!

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