Saturday, October 25, 2008


Alex, being an old 20 years old now, has come to the discovery that he is now tall enough to reach the kids slide. Way back when, when we had a Hedstrom metal slide/swing set, Alex would get up on the slide and walk on it like a tread mill. He would get so far and slide down. This was an important part of a tortoises day. So when we built the new play structure Kirk cut the bottom half of the old slide off and leaned it up on the wall so he could continue to exercise. Which he has done faithfully all of these years. Well, now that he is tall enough to get on the yellow slide he doesn't really want to use his old slide anymore. When I walked out in the yard to take his picture of his major accomplishment, he slid down and kind of looked at me like, "Is this okay?"

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