Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just for Aunt Carol

Okay Aunt Carol, this is just for you to see. You wanted to see the stitches in my leg where the Dermatologist cut out a cyst just below my calf. Yeah it was a big cyst. The thing was pea size for years. And then I turned 40....Wierd things happen to your body when you turn 40. I wasn't even able to walk for 3 days. It is getting better but is still slow going.
The kids think it is absolutely disgusting!


Stephenson said...

Awesome! One for the science books. My kids would think that was totally gross, too, but watch one of them become a doctor...hee.hee.

I hope you are feeling better.

Katherine said...

That is AWFUL! I didn't know that you had that done. My mom usually tells me what is going on. I am sorry you had to have that done. Yuk! Nice pic! Take care Pam, I love you.