Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pride and Prejudice Ball

The "We Make History" organization was hosting a Pride and Prejudice Ball last weekend. We have always been interested in attending but never knew anyone who has gone. So anyway, my friend Maryanne called on Sat. and said that they were going to be in our neighborhood for the Ball and would I meet her for dinner somewhere. In knowing that we started talking about how her daughter Mary has gone for the past couple years and how Daphne would love to join her. The only problem being that Daphne does not have a Ball gown from the 1800's time period. Well, off to the thrift store we went and actually found a dress that would work. After 1 hour of stitching, taking it down a few sizes to fit her skinny little body, Daphne was dressed and ready to attend her first Historical Ball with her friend Mary whom she has known and played with since they were barely 2 years old.
Mary is in the red dress behind the young man that was escorting these lovely girls from Mary's teen homeschool group. It is funny, when I look at Mary and Daphne, I can see Maryanne and I when we were in highschool together. It is fun to see the girls at the same age that we once were. Maryanne and I hung out at Chili's catching up on eachothers lives with absolutely no distractions. It was completely awesome. Needless to say, all the kids had a great time. Lord Scott and his wife taught everyone how to dance in the period. Daphne said there was never a dull moment. Everyone danced in a group so there wasn't any pressure as to who your partner was. Her favorite was the Pumpkin Dance. Maybe we should return to some of those 1800 way of thinking. There were even whole families there dressed in the proper 1800 attire. Maryanne and I managed to spy on them from outside. It was great watching.

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Katherine said...

Daphne you look gorgeous. I am happy for you that you found such a beautiful dress and had so much fun.