Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is a time that I am convinced that my children need their Dad. I think I would have been a little more critical. But Kirk, doesn't really think about certain things, and in doing so, the kids had a great time slinging "cow poo" as I was told. Kirk has been working two jobs non stop for the past three weeks so he hasn't been able to get our winter lawn in. And I have been too busy to do it either. And if we don't put it in the rabbits will destroy our plants. Nipping vines at the base is one example of how they can be destructive. So Sun. was the day. He was running out of daylight. Which is why I think he called out the recruits. Daphne was inside helping with the 8 loads of laundry. So it was the other three. Not only did he give them cups to distribute the SEED! But he gave them shovels to scatter the MANURE! Okay, yeah, they had a blast. BUT, within the next two weeks I will be able to see exactly where they scattered those seeds. It will probably be in a clump, here and there. I am sure we will have it all in the gravel where it is not supposed to be. I saw them, they lacked the concept of evenly distributing. The direction must have been lost in the translation somewhere. Or their leader failed to instruct. I am not sure. Our lawn is already hurting, and I am preparing myself to see interesting designs. Our lawn will probably look like it has bald spots or something. Kirk was very proud of his workers even though they were extremely filthy and needed showers while dinner sat on the table waiting to be devoured. And boy, they were hungry after their planting adventure. Either way, the grass is in and being watered, and Daddy is the hero!

Jared is a good brother to his baby sister. But then again he is probably letting her try it because she is screaming. I don't remember.

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Katherine said...

You talking about seeds that fell on soil or rocks reminds me of a scripture on faith in Alma 32:28,33,36 in the Book of Mormon. You have a good husband and wonderful children. I love the picture of Caleb, his had on his hip.