Saturday, December 15, 2012


These two are so spoiled.  They are both 16 and are really showing their age.  Toby trips on the bed when he stands up, Mattie is just a whif of a kitty.  Always has been.  They love my side of the bed because it gets sunshine from the window.  These two have developed new habits this past year that I don't necessarily like.  They used to hang out on Daphne's bed but now that the sun shines more in our window they are on our bed.  And with it getting cold, I was finding Mattie curled up snug between my pillows.  Yuck! I never minded the cat hair when I was a kid..... Now it bugs me.  And with their frailness, and the cold, and just feeling like I could help them out, we bought them a bed. They are the sweetest things when they are sleeping together like this.  Not so sweet at 5 a.m. when Toby decides to yodel through the hallway for food.  This is totally new and we aren't really liking it on the weekends. Anyway, they love their new bed.  Now all I have to do is vacuum their bed.  Ours is clean. Every morning, Mattie sits on the bed waiting for me to put her bed on top so she can get in and snuggle, waiting for the sun to shine through the window.

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