Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Speed Blogging

Speed Blogging.
So what exactly is Speed Blogging?
I just made it up. 
It is for those times when life comes at you from all ends and you get behind.
And you update your blog with little short entries.
It would be wrong to just skip it....right?
And I can't think of anything else to call it. 
So there you go!
November zoomed by at the speed of light. I guess we wrapped up
 October with a blink of an eye since I just discovered
that this is pretty much the only picture 
we have of any of the kids dressed for Halloween.
And no, you don't need glasses. 
Yes,  actually posted a blurry photo. 
And yes, it really is blue. 
There was a cloud cover and the sky really did look bluish at dusk. 
It was actually kind of pretty.   
 I actually had to think long and hard to figure out what we really did in November. The calendar was filled making me realize that we were just living life.

  So here is November.........
Showing Grandpa Headley just how much shorter he is
or maybe it is how much taller his son and grandsons are....
Enjoying our first snow of the season....
actually I think this was the second snow...but who's counting...
Having a fun time with friends at Stokes Nature Center with Louise. 
They learned how to make their own map.
Hard to believe that two of these kiddos are actually older than Victoria. 
She is going to be a tall girl!
Crazy Hair day at our homeschool co-op named Cache Valley Star Academy.
Kirk painted a back drop for A Joyful Noise Children's Choir that Victoria is
singing a medley of Fiddler on the Roof. 
More pictures to come. 
Victoria was excited to be a Poppa, so she got to wear a beard
that was handknitted by our friend Heidi.
Writing letters to friends first thing in the morning.....I love that she is writing!
I think Samson is waiting for his breakfast.
Kirk painted a backdrop for Do Re Mi School of the Arts in Scottsdale AZ.
He mails it in an enormous tube.  Last summer I actually picked it up so he could use it again. 
So now Kirk has airbrushed in extreme temperatures.  He has weathered through high heat, high winds and now freezing cold.  I would have laughed if it started to snow. 
We thought it might but it came only close to happening. 
He was having trouble with the paint being too cold to blow through his brush.
The water in his wash bucket actually froze.
We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with family in Malad, ID. 
I love it out at Kathy's house. It is very peaceful. 
 It was fun to see Aunt Carol, Troy, Kathy, Rich and his friend Suzanne.
We ate and played games. And were plenty goofy at times.
It is hard not to with Rich around.
Rich is still the tallest.  I think Kathy was relieved that Victoria was still shorter than her.
But not for long.
Daphne and Rich got into a thumb war. 
We have some L-o-n-g fingers running through our family. 
We have so much to be thankful for. 
We have a wonderful family, great friends, fun things to do
AND we live in a beautiful place.
It is hard to believe that we have come full circle to living a whole year here.
We have all grown both spiritually and some height that is.
Pretty soon I am going to be looking UP to Kaleb. 
That will just be so wierd!

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