Monday, December 24, 2012

White Christmas!

We woke up to ice cream scoops on our front porch railing.
We are so excited for this long awaited storm!
It has been snowing for hours now.  This field behind our house is completely covered now. The remnants of last seasons straw is buried.
These two were out back sledding down into the irrigation ditch when there were still sprigs of grass showing.
We had trouble getting the camera to focus on the kept catching the snowflakes.
Either way, it is absolutely beautiful.
From inside the house, we feel like we are in a snow globe.
Jared tested out the pile of dirt that the construction guys left on the corner.
This is a dream come true for us.
Snow on Christmas!
We aren't quite sure if we wll be able to drive in this weather to make it to Christmas Eve service at Church tonight......

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