Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

With sore fingertips, an achy neck, and about 13 movies later....I am so happy to announce that I finished Victoria's stocking early this morning around 1:30 am!  I watched...well mostly listened to the entire series of Harry Potter.  I finally know the story now.  I think I had about three movies all wrapped into one before.  I have that straighted out now.
Somehow it has become a family tradition that the kids received their cross-stitched stocking on the Christmas around their 8th birthday.  It just worked out that way. Victoria turned 8 and has felt like her stocking wasn't going to be completed by Christmas Eve.  I promised her that it would be hung in time for Santa to come and fill it with goodies. Though this past weekend I felt like just clothes pinning it to the shelf. You should have seen Victoria's face when I said that one! It feels good to keep a promise.  It feels good to be finally done!  I often wonder if I will ever attempt to cross stitch another item. 
Hmm.....I might put that in with not ever teaching someone to read or potty training another child. 

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