Saturday, December 15, 2012

Victoria's Boutique

Victoria set up a little shop right next to the kitchen table to sell all her lovely rubberband bracelets that she has been making for all her friends.  She even had a section of the table set aside for demonstration so even you could learn to do them.  She was selling them for $4.  A little steep for her brothers.  I think they bargained with her enough that Jared did buy one for $1.  She didn't have much traffic that day, she is hoping to actually find the rubberbands here in town....we have yet to find them. I love that she will just "play" out loud.  I love that she shares that with ME, her Mom. The other kids kept questioning why she had set up shop right in our own kitchen....I think they have forgotton how to be a child with no limitations to the imagination.

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