Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We have experienced a heap load of "Firsts" this Christmas.
We have been homebound due to the snow falling and loving every minute of it.
We hear that it gets old and that we will be regretting it in the Spring.
But for now, we are loving it!
We spent almost all of Christmas outside sledding!
I can't remember having so much fun on a Christmas day before.  It was never ending.
We even went "night sledding" in 12 degree temperature.
All our neighbors were probably thinking....there goes that AZ family again....
 It had to be one of the most exciting moments for us to wake up and see that it has snowed even more.  Not so fun about having to keep our front steps cleared off.  They get pretty icy.
I worry about anyone coming up to the door.
We had icicles hanging from the roof.  One fell off and the wall shuddered.  I later found a pretty large one lying in the snow.
 I thought this was deep.  This is now day 3 of snowing so I am sure it will be even deeper today.
 Victoria wanted to see if the dogs could pull her on the sled.  They weren't too sure of that.  But they sure do LOVE the snow.  They get so excited to run in it.
 I think these two are determined to get the dogs to pull the sled.
I don't think it will work but when you are a kid anything goes.
Daphne did sled for a while when our neighbor was out with us. 
We just didn't have the camera out then.
We are loving life!

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