Saturday, December 15, 2012

Service Project

Some of the Teens in our co-op at Star Academy went to the Logan Assisted Living Center to clean wheelchairs.  This was something that was desperately needed and had requested about 12 kids to help clean.  Well, we showed up with over 20 so all the walkers and wheelchairs were cleaned and ready for the snowy weather.  And boy did these wheelchairs need to be cleaned. A couple of them were really gross!
Even Daphne came to help. I was really impressed with the kids and how they just jumped in and did it.  They had a blast working with eachother.  (I know the picture is blurry, I had the camera on the wrong setting for inside with flourescent lights)
Afterwards, we used a room at the Library in town to have a little Christmas party for the kids.
They had all brought board games to play but started playing "Do you love your neighbor?" and didn't stop for two hours!!! Oh wait, they stopped long enough to have a couple treats and then it was back to the game. It was hysterical to watch and hear what they came up with.
Have you played this game? My kids have played this with Pastor Phil when we were at Chaparral Christian Church. So they were very excited to play it again.
One person stands in the center and asks someone if they love their neighbor.  If that person says yes....then the two people sitting next to that person jumps up and switches seats before the person in the middle steals it.  If that person says No...but I like everyone wearing red, then only kids wearing read jump up and trade seats before the person in the middle steals a seat.
 It was really fun to watch.  They got creative and were saying ....No...but I love all those who Homeschool, or have holes in their jeans, or have the last name of Headley.....
My kids have been so blessed since we have moved here.  I had always prayed that they would have friends that they could just have fun with and now they really do. 
And where is Victoria in all this....she was at a friends house with three other girls just having fun, playing in a tree house, hanging out at the Grandma's house who lives in the neighborhood and playing house in a camping trailer. She was just as exhausted as we were when I picked her up.
It was a great day for everyone!

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