Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 1 Eagle Project

Jared has started his Eagle Project of building two sets of steps for the Opera House at American West Heritage Center and two picnic tables. On the first day these boys worked hard. They measured, cut (by an adult....Kirk),drilled, screwed, assembled and painted!
Jared did an awesome job managing this project. He is really maturing into adult hood. He has a gift for managing and organizing so even though he has been under a lot of stress with this project, he has managed it well in obtainable goals.
Victoria was very excited that she was allowed to do some of the painting.
This is a classic picture of Jared and Cameron debating, contemplating, discussing.....
 And this is what you do when you have been there for too many hours and your brain is taking a break. We had quite a few moments where me, the mom had to step in and prevent something from starting. The beauty of being a mom, we can see things before they occur.
 Victoria observing from a far.
The morning was pretty crisp with frost but ended with beautiful warm sunshine.
The next morning......

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