Saturday, November 23, 2013

Delivery Day of Jared's Eagle Project!

The long awaited day is finally here!
The tables and steps are delivered!
 One of the Dad's in the troop transported the tables with his huge trailer. It accomodated both 8ft tables really well. They stacked them under the pavillion for winter storage. Now American West Heritage Center will have more table seating available for their programs. Jared designed the table with a cross piece along the bottom so that they can be stacked. It worked perfectly. He has had several people asking him for his design because the tables are so nice.
 Then it was over to the Opera House to deliver the steps for the stage. They were so sturdy when they set them up to the door way next to the stage. The previous steps were so rickety. The top step was flush with the door way lessening the risk of tripping.
Good Job Jared!
 This is one happy young man! Handsome too.
 This is Chris Schultz. He is the programming manager for AWHC and works with the scouts wanting to work on Eagle Projects. He was a wonderful mentor to Jared and was so easy to get a hold of. Jared wanted his project to be meaningful and not be handed to him. He wanted to work for hard...for it. Well, he definately worked hard for it. It took him three months to complete, starting with phone calls, drawing up the plans, developing a budget, presenting it to the committee, collecting donations, coordinating the boys, cutting, assembling, sanding, varnishing/painting, and delivery. He has learned so much and has literally matured with this project. Something you always hope to see in young people.
He has definately earned his Eagle with this project.
Now he just needs to finish up a few loose ends, and get some signatures and he will be done.
Oooh, look....the Scoutmaster and Sophie the kitty.
He's such a pushover.....the Scoutmaster that is.

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