Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 2 Eagle Project

Our backyard was filled once again with boys everywhere helping Jared with his Eagle Project. On Day 2 they measured, cut, drilled, and assembled two picnic tables for AWHC. It is amazing to watch these capable young men working on these tables. And they were done accurate, clean and neatly. I was very impressed.
 It was hard to believe that at the beginning of the day our yard housed a pile of lumber. And at the end of the day there were two big, sturdy picnic tables. Jared now inspects every wooden picnic table he sees around town. He looks at the design and whether or not they are sturdy AND have adequate leg room. It is funny to listen to his critiques. He is quickly becoming an expert.
 Through out the day there was always time for a little fun.

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