Saturday, November 23, 2013

How are you Peeling?

If you were to ask Sammy how he was feeling after
eating all those apple peels he would say "Just Fine"!
I always say our floors are cleaner because we have dogs
and our floors are dirtier because we have dogs!
In this case there were less apple peelings in the bucket
and more in Sammy's stomach. It looked like he was eating spaghetti.
During the time that Sam was stealing apple peelings, Henry was growling at Sam to leave his bucket of garbage alone. I guess he was trying to claim something that Sammy had absolutely no intentions of honoring.
This dog is always hungry and will find anything to eat.
Last week he ate one of the kid's paper mache birds from my Science class that I teach at Star Academy. It was sad. I had to tell this poor boy that our dog ate his bird.
He was okay with it. He managed to make another one.

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