Saturday, November 16, 2013

Victoria's Sewing Project

This is going to be really hard to believe. Back in September, I needed to de-stress with a sewing project. So I sewed Emily (on the right) a new 1940's style dress. About the time I was finishing mine, Victoria decides that she is going to sew a dress for Molly.
She did it all. She chose the fabric out of the fabric stash. Cut out the pattern and sewed this dress beautifully. She is not afraid of the sewing maching at all. Not to mention that she is good at it. She even finished all the seams with a zig-zag stitch.
 We were all impressed with her ability. I love that she looks at something and says...I can do that!  I loved to sew when I was her age. I was constantly cutting apart old clothing to get my resource of fabric since my mom didn't have any. Both the girls have had sewing supplies at their fingertips. Not to mention that they have had me to ask questions. I have definately messed up enough times to know how not to do something as well as how to do it correctly.
 I am really proud of her. I didn't even help her with the velcro enclosure on the back.
Yes, I know the collar is up on her dress.
Today, Victoria is presently trying to make her own Barbie clothes patterns.
That's my girl!

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Katherine said...

I am amazed...she is a little firecracker, full of talent waiting to explode. You are an amazing mother Pam. So wonderful that there still are mothers out there teaching their daughters domestic skills. No one seems to cherish these skills anymore.