Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Twinkle Award!

 Victoria has mastered her Twinkles!
This is a big deal if you are working bowing through the Suzuki books for violin. Daphne has been teaching Victoria now for a few months. Things kind of fell apart during the summer. But they are back on track again and doing quite well together. Daphne is teaching her the same way she was taught by Miss Shari who was her teacher long ago.
We are all really proud of Victoria's accomplishments. Daphne awarded her with the same Twinkle Award that she was awarded with by Miss Shari.
I love violin music filling the house. And I love that Daphne is able to use her gift to bless both Victoria and Kaleb with lessons.

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Katherine said...

It is wonderful that Daphne is sharing her love and talent of the violin with her brother and sister. Daphna is very gifted and it's so fun watching her become a young women. Congratulations to student and teacher for their accomplishments.