Saturday, November 16, 2013


Victoria has a new fluffy pet. And boy is he cute.
Meet Georgie.
He has a few issues with ADHD so it has been impossible to get a picture of him NOT blurry. He is quite the character. He has to do everything NOW. Not in a second, NOW. I was very apprehensive for Victoria to buy a hamster from Petsmart. Our others were hand raised and we never had to worry about them biting. This little guy is the sweetest hamster. From the very first day he was easy to handle. Though handwashing is important before and after handling. Victoria is proud of herself. She used her birthday money to buy this little guy and food. We had the rest of the set up including the squeaky hamster wheel that the kids won't let Kirk put oil on. That is another story.

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Katherine said...

I can't wait to hold little Georgie...hamsters are so cute but I still think she should try a rat!