Saturday, November 23, 2013

Green Canyon

The kids and I are attempting to continue hiking through the winter as long as we can. We are hoping someday to all own snowshoes. We ventured into Green Canyon. I love that this canyon is just up the street from our home.
It was COLD!
We managed to hike for two hours. We found a trail that headed into the sunny side of the canyon. That was inviting. It was very invigorating. We were so busy talking on the way back down that we accidently hiked beyond where we had parked. Once we recognized that the trail looked new we had to trace our steps back to find the van. I have no idea how we did that but we did.
Jared always gives Kaleb a hard time for hiking with his day pack full of survival gear. To tell you the truth, I am glad he does. I would hate to be stuck out somewhere in the mountains with snow and not have any matches. If you have Kaleb with you, he will have everything but the kitchen sink in there.

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