Monday, December 2, 2013

Elementary Art Class

I added teaching elementary art to my schedule this fall at our Homeschool Co-op that I Co-lead called Cache Valley Star Academy. It was a little crazy teaching four classes for twelve weeks but I figured that I would want to teach the classes to my kids at home so I might as well do it for a class of 10 or more? These kids are pretty awesome. I have grown to love them all. I can give them direction and then they just get down to business.
I don't consider myself an artist. I have never really been trained as an artist. I took some classes in High School and loved it. I do know I have it in my genes. Truthfully, I knew that I would make more money as a nurse (which I did do) than working as an artist. Unfortunately, I am still living the life financially that I was trying to avoid by becoming a nurse.
I am married to an incredible artist.
The whole "starving artist" thing...
It is true.
 This was the our project.
A Pear.
The kids really were excited about the idea of "painting" with real acrylic paints. They really wanted to just paint whatever they wanted but unfortunately, I made them follow directions. I kept reminding them that they are learning important skills like blending, and the importance of the process.
 By the time we got to the background, I encouraged individuality.
There were many happy faces.
 Some of the kids were being shy showing off their paintings that they worked on for the past three weeks. We didn't have much time between classes to get them to loosen up and smile.
 I missed a few kids in this class.
I am so impressed with the results.
I am so thankful for Pinterest too. I run out of ideas sometimes or I just don't have enough down time to come up with more ideas on my own. . If you would like a tutorial on painting a pear check it out HERE! If I can impress my husband...the artist of the family, then I knew I did pretty good.
I will post my painting that I used for an example and the paintings from my teen class of 20+ kids soon. I am still waiting for Kaleb to finish his. He has the advantage of taking his time.

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