Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Little Zoo has Reindeer

Meet Nanook....

And Zima..... (means winter)

 We met Santa (Troy) a couple months ago when we came to the zoo asking questions about how they hibernate their tortoises. This guy is really nice and brought us in the back to where they keep their reptiles for the winter. Once I saw how they had them set up I felt much better about bringing Alexander into the basement. Troy recognized us at once. I love living in this town.
Okay....back to the reindeers. We found out that they were born and raised in Oregon and spent some time at Disneyland in Southern California. So now they are residing here in Logan.
We found out that both reindeer still have velvet on their antlers and are not symmetrical because they have been......how do you say castrated in a nice way. I don't know....so....there you go. They lack testosterone. The zoo adopted them in Sept. which is about when they would have gotton a shot of testosterone like they do every year making the velvet fall off earlier in the fall and giving them symmetrical antlers. We had a lesson in reindeer with a single visit to the zoo.
 I love the quiet, stillness of winter here. I love the brisk, crisp air.
Believe it or not, all the coyotes were out where you could see them.
We had turkeys gobbling at us.
The albino porcupine was curled up in his favorite spot in his tree....Kirk is almost sure that it is stuffed. He claims that it NEVER moves. We have seen it on the ground, so I know it is alive.
The emu was walking along with us along the fence. I think it was happy to have visitors.
The peacocks were keeping warm on the fences. We walked right by them and they didn't budge.
The Great Horned Owl was wide awake.
It made for a pleasant visit.
 The first time we ever visited this park we were so impressed with the size of these trees.
I hadn't realized how important trees were to me until we stood under these trees.
They are beautiful and I love them.

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