Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It Came One Night......

It was 10 p.m. one night.....
and all the lights were on.....
Kirk had just repaired a huge water gusher from under the sink....
We heard Henry barking outside....
A Knock....
The door bell rang......
Who could that be at this hour.
We opened the door and found our door step full of presents.
The boys ran out the door to catch our deliverers....
but found nothing.
Boy, they were fast!
We spent the next half hour unwrapping the boxes because there were obviously meant to be opened when we saw one with a tag on the outside that was just needing to be investigated.
Someone went to a lot of work to come up with this nifty idea.
I can't wait to share it with you.
 Here it is all together. We have asked a couple of friends who we suspect. So far, no confessions. Though we do have a couple clues but we aren't tellin'!
 Could this be a clue? "Lemon" muffin mix? Could this be from our dear friends the "Lemon" Family whom we adore so much?
 My favorite is the dish towel and dish cloth that had a label of a new washer and a new dryer.
Very clever!
 Victoria has been fascinated with the fact that we have microwave popcorn in the house!
 Hmmm...."Lemon" lime soda? Is that another clue?
 I sure am glad it is Christmas time....Orange you?
How can you "not" be joyful with "Lemon" scented dishwashing liquid!
Could there be a "Lemon" theme here?
We had a blast with this as I am sure the secret family who surprised us with all these goodies had.
Either way, we have known since the moment that we moved up here that we love it here and all of our friends that we have made these past two years.

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Providence Hillbillies said...

I loved your Christmas surprise Pam!