Monday, December 2, 2013

Apologia Flying Creatures Class

I taught two classes this fall to the elementary age kids. Art, which I already posted, and a Birds/Insect class using the Apologia Flying Creatures book.
I had a great time. We started with insects and moved into birds.
I think the kids really got into it as well. They would catch insects or find an abandoned nest that fell out of a tree and bring it into class.
One of things that we worked on was a notebook where they could draw, write, describe and label. I love that science and art go together.
With that being said, we worked on paper mache birds that were small enough to fit in their hands.
I test everything out and whip up an example. I love paper mache and are always determined to perfect my skills.
Here is my little mountain chickadee.
We used paper towels this time so when we painted them it looked like we painted on canvas.
 Almost all these kids ended up being in my art class. So they would help me pack up everything and move whatever we needed to the next class. The boys especially, were very helpful and would tell me thank you every day for teaching the class. I think they really enjoyed it.
We had one mishap with these birds. I took them home each week.
Samson got to one of them and ATE the paper mache off the masking tape body.
He was so BUSTED!
He got sent to his crate for a whole hour. He knew exactly what he did wrong. And then I had to tell the poor kid whose bird got eaten. He was okay with it and later it became something that they all kind of laughed about. I brought the glue mix back and he re-paper mached it.
It all worked out. And the birds are adorable.
We had fun in this class.

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