Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tortoise Rehab Center

Sometimes I feel like we are running a rehab center for tortoises. Our days involved making sure that Alex stays warm, gets plenty of sunlight beyond his UV bulbs, eats and yes....poop rocks! Which he still needs to do.
Everyday, we corral him in this box and make him atleast sit in the sun for 15 minutes because 15 minutes of natural sunlight is worth 12 hours from a special UVB lightbulb that cost us almost $40. We usually catch him asleep.
Like all reptiles, they love basking in the sun.
We caught him one day looking out the window after it had snowed. We were wondering what he was thinking....either he was longing to cruise outside or he was trying to figure out what all that white stuff was.
One of the other things we do is try to get him exercising.
I told you we were running a rehab for tortoises.
Long ago when we upgraded from one of those little hedstrom metal swing sets to a home built gigantic swing set with a huge platform and a really cool slide, Kirk sawed off the bottom of the old slide because Alex loved to walk on it like a treadmill.
His little treadmill came with him to Nana's house and then up here last summer.
Kirk divised a way to keep it up right.
The first time we set it up he cruised on that thing for over an hour in the kitchen.
Just a glimpse into the wierd stuff happening in the Headley House.

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