Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reminiscing the Past

I was lying in bed this morning at 4:30am thinking about babies. Last night I exposed to many wonderful babies that are in families from Star Academy. I miss working in the NICU so much, hogging all those beautiful little newborns with their super soft skin.
I just love them.
I love my own kids too.
 I looked at my, taller than me, son from a distance. His head was significantly higher than the crowd of friends that he was talking and laughing with. I could feel Daphne standing right behind me like she always has, while I was talking to some of the other moms while my eyes were fixated on a friend's very handsome baby boy.
My thoughts wandered to this very picture!
 I have no idea why I thought of this picture but I am so happy to have it. It reminds me of a time of being a young mother and trying to capture those special annual Christmas pictures next to the Christmas tree with their little handsewn outfits. What a disaster! I remember being so frustrated because I couldn't understand why they just wouldn't sit next to eachother and smile. It started with Jared. He started to cry and then Daphne started to cry......I thought it was over. And this was before there were digital cameras. So you took a roll of 24 pictures and you get what you get. I must have taken the whole roll trying to get them to be happy and smile for me. And then I had to wait a week for them to be developed. They just weren't cooperating. I knew that one day I would look back at this very moment and appreciate my little ones idiosyncrocies. It happened this morning. I would give anything to squeeze them, hold them close and kiss their soft little sticky faces. I think they would cringe if I tried to do that now especially now that Jared actually shaves. Yikes!
 It all worked out. We never did capture them together in the same picture. And Daphne wouldn't take a picture unless it had the cat in it. (Toby is so young here, he probably won't make it through this winter. He's an old man now.)
And by golly, Jared got his way. All he wanted in his 10 month old little mind was to sit on the horsie by himself. Quite the cutie patootie with his little dimples. It ended up being a Merry Christmas after all in 1996.

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