Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunday Outing!

We are the happiest family.
We love to spend time together.....even though sometimes it doesn't sound like it.
Maybe it is me that loves that we spend time together.
Either way, we had a blast after Church.
We drove just 10 min away to one of our favorite sledding hills.
It was lightly snowing making for a perfect day.
 I love that my big kids are still such a huge part of our lives.
As a mother, I get huge amounts of satisfaction seeing my family smile. Plus I get to see all those years running to the orthodontist with two kids in braces pay off. They have beautiful smiles.
In the upper lefthand corner of this collage shows Daphne catching air. She landed face down in the snow. We all held our breath.....she came up laughing. Whew! She was okay.
The hill doesn't really look that steep but it really is. And slick too. Especially if you go down where one of the kids had already gone. 
 Victoria is a go-getter. She is always willing to try anything and rarely shys away from things like sledding down a hill at top speed.
Kaleb is my deep thinker. He doesn't really talk much. Not like how everything Victoria is thinking comes out her mouth. I am always asking Kaleb what he is thinking about.
 I am married to Father Christmas.....St. Nicholas......Santa Claus!
Well, almost. Give him another year or so and that beard of his will be as white as snow.
 Kirk.....having a Holly, Jolly time!
 The girls....blasting down the hill. Victoria had her eyes closed the entire time.
 We have truely enjoyed living in the snow. I have many pictures of Kaleb in this very position, cross legged on a saucer at a bottom of a hill. And I love every single one of them.
 Kaleb looks like a little alien here with his hood full of air.
 We have many pictures of Victoria laying in the snow. I guess there is just something about rolling around in freezing cold snow and still feeling warm because of all the layers of clothing you have underneathe.
Happy children make for a very satisfying day.
I love it here.
 Brotherly love.
Well, that is until Jared threw his brother to the ground.
Sisters, I love the Sisters song in the movie....White Christmas.
Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister....
Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man.
Victoria made the mistake of throwing a snowball at Jared's neck. I think she knew she was doomed. He wrestled her to the ground, very easily due to the enormous size difference and got even with her above and beyond anything that she could EVER do to him. She is a pretty tough little girl due to her big brother.
I turned around to Kaleb breathing heavily, all by himself. You never know what he is going to be doing. I especially love when he comes up from the basement in the morning acting like a T-rex. 

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Katherine said...

These are joyful photos...I agree with you Pam in finding joy and happiness with a happy family being together.