Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Middle School and High School Art Class

Here is the pear that I painted as an example of what I was helping the kids achieve.
It always helps to have something to look at so the kids know what I mean. The downfall of that is that I usually don't have time to sit down and be creative. I end up squeezing in painting or drawing while I am making dinner.
Kaleb took his time and finished his pear at home. A benefit to having his mom as his art teacher.
I am so pleased at how this project turned out. There are almost 20 kids in this class so I missed quite a few pictures. A few of the kids made me promise I wouldn't let their mom see their painting. They intend to wrap theirs up as a Christmas present, so I didn't include any smiling, pleased faces with the pictures. Just to be sure.
This was a very fun project. I loved taking thick, creamy paint and just slapping it on the canvas. It taught the kids to just go for it and see what happens. Half way through there was quite a bit of moaning and groaning going on. They hated their pears and didn't think it was turning out at all. I had to reassure them that they couldn't make any decision until their paintings were complete.
 On the day of completion ( it took 3 weeks to finish), I think they were all very happy and satisfied with their paintings. I figure that if an art class can build confidence, it is successful.
Remembering that I have had no training as an art teacher, my goal in these classes is to show these kids that they can create something that is visually appealing to the eye. And in the process of that is where the real lesson is. Getting an opportunity to mush colors together with a paintbrush, or dripping watercolor paint into dabs of water on paper, or smearing charcoal with their fingers, or making something of a bunch of lines is where they find their confidence and emotional healing. They have to find their acceptance of themselves and what they did on paper in art. Their personalities come through. I love to point that out. Let them see that they have a style and it is individual. It is theirs. They like to see how they are different from the others. I try to help them see that.
Sometimes they just absolutely hate it.
BUT.....Like I always say....
There are no mistakes in art!
 The ultimate lesson is Patience.
Some projects take more than an hour to complete. Trying to pace a bunch of kids from rushing through an art project takes my own patience and encouragement to them to really look at what they are trying to do and take their time.

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