Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Quilt

 I have finally finished our family quilt.  I started it the summe before we moved north. Every piece of fabric used (except the back) was cut from fabric that I had sewn into clothing for one of us. Kirk, myself or the kids. I can look at every single square and know what I had sewn from it.
I included old jeans that were to be thrown away. It was the only way I could get Jared to relinquish his favorite pair of jeans that had a tear across the knee from seam to seam.
 I even included a swatch of my old uniform skirt that I wore in High School at Alemany Catholic School, the fabric from my first curtains in my first apartment, a pocket from Victorias favorite jeans when she was a toddler, a skirt I wore in Nursing School, numerous shorts, shirts, toys, blankets from many years of sewing.

It was much too heavy to make it through my sewing machine, let alone maneuver it once it was in place, so I hand stitched it leaving my poor finger tips sore.
I spent many nights watching a movie with this quilt in my lap reminescing of time long gone but preserved. The kids love to ask me what each square is from. Or they reflect on which ones they remember.
I hadn't planned on using it on our bed but I was so tired of our present quilt being there that I decided to replace it with this new one. Not only is it heavy to sleep under but it represents our family so dearly. Here I am, always trying to eek out some quiet time alone...I may never be alone again with this quilt so close by. This quilt means Family.
My Family.

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