Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 This little hamster is the cutest little thing. When Victoria first got him he had only a little tuft of long hair near his tail. He was supposed to be a Syrian longhaired hamster. So where was his long hair? We thought that might be it. But over the course of the past month, we have discovered that he was just a tiny baby. He has lots of long hair now.
We have all had great fun with this little guy. Victoria was cleaning his house and Kaleb was babysitting. It was obvious that Georgie really didn't want to be woken up so he lunged into the basket that holds all our school supplies. He made a perfect little bed between the glue stick and the pencil sharpener. He stayed there with his little head tucked underneath. Of course Kaleb forgot about him and left him on the table, unattended....with the dogs near by! Yikes! He was safely sleeping.
The girls constructed a lego maze for him to maneuver. He looked like pac man squeezing through the little tunnels collecting yougart drops into his cheeks for later.

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