Sunday, April 29, 2012

4 H Cloverbuds

 The little 4H group that Victoria belongs to met at
Stewart Nature Park for a Nature Scavanger Hunt.
The Logan river seemed really high and swift as we walked over the bridge.
The kids had to find certain things that were on their list, like
something twisty, something brittle,
They found a worm stuck to the pavement for
something dead.
The little brothers were finding roly polies.
I think one of the cute little boys was putting them into his pocket!
They were so excited to find them.
 Victoria, of course, found a stick. 
She said she has to replace all the ones that I threw out when we moved.
Darn, I was hoping that she would have forgotton that.
Some of the girls even saw a garden snake.
 This is a great group of little girls....and little brothers.
A storm was blowing in that day. 
We went to leave the house and ran back in to grab our jackets.
It was a good thing too, because it started snowing while we were out.
It is amazing what is literally in our back yards.
Spring is definately here.
We love it here and all that it has to offer.
God is so good!

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