Monday, April 16, 2012

A Quick Project

 I was in the mood to sew.
And Lucky Victoria, she gets the project.
We have been searching for a particular metal tin
that holds colored pencils.
Well, we haven't found it yet.
It is somewhere packed in a box.
I have seen these nifty pencil rolls.
In fact Daphne has one, a beautiful shade of black.
I thought I could do better.
I think I did pretty good.
I love it when I have all the supplies needed to do
something on my mind.
Not only do I not have ANY money to spend,
but sometimes I lose interest in what I am doing
if I have to hunt for the perfect materials.
I always wondered what I would do with this particular fabric.
I have had it since Victoria was a wee babe.
Kaleb has put in an order now for one.  Hmmm, I think I have monster fabric somewhere.

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