Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

 Our neighborhood had an Egg Hunt for little kids.
Yes, that is Jared and Kaleb fighting over eggs.
After all the age groups went, they turned the teens loose.
I guess that gave Jared and Kaleb the idea to be goofy. 
Atleast no one was injured. Kaleb sure does put up
with a lot from his 6ft brother.
Jared had about 6 eggs in his hands that
he dumped into Victoria's basket. She felt pretty lucky.
I have to say that this is our first time since Daphne was
18 months old that I have actually seen chocolate
stuffed into plastic eggs.
For so many years in AZ, chocolate would have melted.
I guess at 47 degree weather you don't have to worry about chocolate melting.
 We love to dye eggs.
Of course Kirk's eggs are always superior.
Sammy wanted so bad in my lap....
I think to be closer to the ...... Egggggggggssssss!
Samson has the perfect nails for painting.
When I was little I would paint our dogs nails a bright pink.
At least we had blue nail polish for a boy.
I think they look pretty good and he didn't seem to care.
He was just happy to be lounging in my lap.
He is such a Mama's Lap Dog.
I guess thats what you call a Mama's Dog?
Victoria painted his back feet a bright pink.

This was yesterday......
And this is TODAY!

If you look closely, you can still see snow in the shadow of the fence.


Katherine said...

I love the contrast photos...that is great. I could since the brightness in the photos where Victoria and Sam are wearing sun glasses. That is way funny about Sam's painted nails...Sam the Fashionisto dog. You know in Spanish words ending in O is masculine?

Katherine said...

Ok, what is up with your background changing every time I get on? Where did you get that....I love it.