Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Bunnies

 We were inspired to paint bunnies from here.
I think they turned out pretty good.
It didn't take long to save toilet paper tubes in a house with 6 people.
Kaleb, Victoria and I did this sitting out in the grass in the sun.
It was beautiful outside, with the doggies playing.
We also covered plastic eggs with tissue paper.
They turned out very pretty and vibrant.
You could almost do a color theory study with the tissue paper.
With the overlaying of the paper, the kids saw another way to mix colors.

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Katherine said...

So cute Pam, I love seeing all of the creative things you do with your children....they have the best mother in the world. I hope the express their appreciation for you and all that you do for them. I will have to whisper something in their ears next time.