Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Jared, Victoria and I were out walking the
dogs on this beautiful spring day.
New shoots are just starting to peek out of the soil.
We were told it is barley.
To think we see this out our back windows.
No more block wall for us!
Anyway, I noticed something small
lying on the ground.
Just a tiny little lump of...fur.
The two horses on the corner finally had their babies.
They must be just a day old because you could see a tiny
remnant of their cords.
 The babies were born just like the owner said they would
She said in April, when they put them in the corner field.
Watch for them.
So we did.
We went home to get Daphne and the camera.
What an awesome lesson in life....and PE according to Victoria
because we had just walked 3 miles and then walked back up
the street to show Daphne.
The babies are adorable, with their fuzzy little manes and tails. 
Their little noses look like velvet.
It is amazing to think that their spindly little bodies were
all folded up in their mama's tummy.
It was so cute to see the one standing try to lie down.
Her little legs are getting strong but are still just weak enough that
she has to plan out her legs just to lie down.
I hope they leave them in the corner field for a while
so we can take more pictures as they grow.

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