Friday, April 6, 2012

Hiking to Wind Cave

 In March after church one Sunday, we hiked to Wind Cave in Logan Canyon.
The first signs of Spring were just starting to sprout.
I have a feeling when all of it turns green, we will be shocked.
 This was a two mile hike up the mountainside on a trail that zig zagged
back and forth.  Did I mention "UP"?
The boys and Daphne left Kirk and I with Victoria in their dust.
Victoria actually did really well considering that it was two miles up hill.
We kept teasing her that it was going to be two miles up getting
back to the van. She didn't buy that.  Too smart.
Jared and I are laughing hystericaly at Kaleb. 
Kaleb doesn't have to do much for a good laugh.
Well, he was chug-a-lugging Kirk's tea that he had in his water bottle and
we said that it looked like "pee".
Kaleb had a nice spray effect. 
It probably could have reflected a rainbow with the spray.
 Right out the end of the cave is a drop off. A cliff. 
I wouldn't let Victoria walk to the edge.  It kind of freaked me out.
There is a narrow path to the other side where there is another
cave that Kirk and the boys investigated.
The girls and I just hung out and observed God's awesomeness!
I think we have made enough friends here that on the way up we ran into
a family we know from church.
In fact we had just sat next to them in Sunday school.
And then we ran into another family from church on the way down.
We love it here.

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Katherine said...

There is an exact photo of me standing exactly where Jared is in the hole. This is awesome. I love hiking and the accomplishment that is felt when you make it back. I love the warms my heart.