Sunday, August 5, 2012

Benjamin Bunny

 We were so happy to visit our big bunny Ben while we were at Nana and Poppas.  He is being spoiled heavily by my Mom.  But that is okay, he deserves it since we couldn't bring him to Utah with us.  We miss him dearly. He is pretty old for a bunny at 8 1/2.
We got to visit with Ben and Alex, our tortoise, every day. It felt good to be with them.
5 days after we left Arizona to return home,
our sweet Ben was killed by coyotes that got into my mom's yard.
It has been a very tragic and devastating experience for all of us. 
I feel horrible for my Mom.
She really fell in love with this big bunny.
We are thinking that there had to been more than one coyote to flush him out of his hiding place.
The thought brings tears to my eyes. I will always have a special place in my heart for Ben.
We love you Benjamin Bunny.

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