Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pizza and Games with the Darts

We had pizza with the Darts.
We started to play the game Constitution Quest and three of us quickly decided that we were going to hurt our brains too much.
So this is when we started.

And then it became the Intellectual Table.  They quickly divided into two teams with Jared and Emily heading them up.  Jared was in his glory.  We knew things were getting serious when I saw them looking things up to settle a disagreement.
 So the rest of us decided to play the wiener dog game. Kaleb and Victoria have always loved this game.  This was more our speed.......
 This game was pretty exciting especially when we actually remembered all the rules to the game.  It was kind of funny getting to that point. We had fun.
 And then we played Maine Monopoly.
We had the cat lounging on our money and then we had Rusty the doggy prance right through the middle of the game. It was fun.  We always enjoy hanging out at their house. We look forward to our next visit.

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