Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sundi and Robert

 Victoria was the prettiest little flower girl for Sundi and Robert's wedding.  Kathy found her dress online.  It was the perfect color.
 I love my cousin Kathy.  I am so happy that we live so close now.  It is funny how we still have a hard time getting our schedules together to see eachother.  Especially because we are in the thick of our family life and Kathy and Troy are empty nesters.
It was nice to see Aunt Carol and get a great picture of her with the kids.  She was always my favorite aunt growing up.  I love her.  I think my sister looks like her.
Victoria was really getting into taking pictures at this point.  I think she was loving the attention.  Daphne found a spot right in the middle of this lawn to rest her legs.  The grass felt so cool.  Everything looked so pretty.
Victoria was busy twirling in her dress while Sundi was getting her picture taken.  The time was going by so fast.  I didn't get half the pictures that I intended to. 
Sundi made a beautiful bride.  She is already so beautiful.  It was really sweet seeing her and Robert together.  It made me think about how young Kirk and I were when we got married.

I turned around just in time to catch Kaleb in a headlock. Of course the grip was loosened when I turned around. Kaleb puts up with so much from his brother.  They were an awesome help to Kathy with various things that needed to be done during the reception.  Kaleb did a great job of running for water to make lemonade.  I was proud of them and how helpful they were.  I think Sundi and Robert will have a wonderful life together.  They have lots of family support and have a great mother and mother-in-law too.  That's Kathy if you were wondering. I think she has a wonderful outlook on being a mother-in-law.  I love our conversations that we have on motherhood.
Congratulations Sundi & Robert

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Katherine said...

Victoria was so pretty at the wedding. How special was that to have your daughter in my daughter's wedding...WOW I still can't believe it. THANK YOU for everything you did to help, AND being patient and understanding with me being scattered, bossy and out of control. The whole thing is really kind of a blur, but thank you so much for being there.