Sunday, August 5, 2012


Kyle experienced many "firsts" on his visit with us.
Canoeing was one of them.  While I organized myself and packed to drive to AZ the next morning, Kirk was wonderful and took the kids canoeing.  He is so patient with them as they paddle around.  I usually like to enjoy peace and quiet on the shore reading a book or sleeping. But this day, I was home doing laundry and packing things that I needed to pack.
 I blew up this picture and discovered Kaleb and his antics.  Really what was happening is Kaleb was yelling "HELP" because Victoria was on her fifth round of singing Mrs. Murphys Chowder from Mickey Food Song tape.  I think if they heard her sing....
Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder....
one more time they would have thrown her overboard.
 Dad's turn with the girls.
Good ol Dad made a nice sun shelter for Victoria to shade herself. I managed to get my list of things done while they were gone.  I actually felt refreshed and ready (somewhat) for the 14 hour drive in the morning.

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