Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cutting Time

I can't quite remember which one of my kids were with me but we were driving down the road to home which has fields on both sides. This piece of farm equipment was following us taking up both lanes, the one we were in and opposing traffic....which there wasn't any. I am not sure what the real meaning of traffic is in Logan, compared to what we came from. 
By the time we got into the house, it had pulled into the field behind our house.  We were hoping that we would be able to watch them cut it.  Out of the whole field he bailed 9 of the huge bails of straw.  It was pretty neat to watch.  We have managed to see this field planted, sprout, grow, mature, dry, cut and bailed.  I love how the scenery changes around here. We were all glued to the window watching the guy cut through the field.  It had gotton so overgrown that we couldn't walk along the side anymore to cut through the back to the library.  Now we are back to cutting through the field.  Jared would have loved to watch all the farm equipment when he was little.  It wasn't for him I would have never learned what a front loader or a back hoe were.  He knew them all and would be so excited in his car seat when we would pass them working on the road. It's funny that he wasn't that excited to watch this "hay cutter" (columbine?).  But then again he definately isn't two anymore.

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