Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cache County Fair

 I love living in a small town.  Some wouldn't call Logan a small town but compared to where we have been, it is small.  And the fair was pretty awesome.  First....the entrance was FREE!
And there was GRASS!
I know, you will think we are wierd.....but yes, we were excited that there was grass......and an irrigation canal that all the kids were playing in.
After living in the desert for so long, it is just amazing to see running water. I know there is supposed to be a drought but it is so hard to believe it when you can see running water.  So we sat by it while we ate our hamburgers and soda.  I had to call Nana to tell her what we were doing because it was so out of the ordinary.  I know, I know...you don't see anything unique about the situation.  But for our experience, it is unique and we were all enjoying ourselves.  It only cost about $4 per person to get a drink and a hamburger with fries. Cheaper than take out. 
I had to take pictures of these chickens.  We really want to know where there eyes are and how do they SEE! They were the funniest things we had ever seen. It was a little warm in their building so I hated to see them panting. I am sure they were fine but once again, living in the desert has changed how we see things. There were three roosters crowing at eachother.  I wonder if it was exhausting for them to feel the need to crow every three minutes.
We walked around to the 4H exhibit which totally inspired the kids to submit entries next year.  We didn't this year even though they could have.  With it being our first time we decided to just wait. Plus we would have to pick them up at a certain time and we weren't going to be in town that day.  So next year we will get involved.
 The kids bought their own tickets to the rodeo.  The entire rodeo was awesome.  We sat on bleachers for 3 1/2 hours for the preshow and the entire rodeo.  Our legs were pretty sore the next day.  These girls were from Idaho.  Their group was formed in the early 1900's by a guy who wanted to make a riding club for kids.  He didn't have any saddles for them to use so they rode like the Native Americans did, bareback and with only a neck rein.  Most of them were girls, but they had complete control over their horses which they trained themselves using voice and leg commands.  Very impressive.
And then we have Man of Thunder on these beautiful Shires. These horses couldn't wait to get into the arena and do their thing.  It reminded me of Henry just trying to contain himself from running after the cats. These horses were just trying to contain their excitement to being able to get out there and do what they love to do.  And their thing, was pretty cool. This guys legs are really long and it was amazing to see him balance himself on their backs.  They were running, just digging into the ground and this guys head was pretty level with his legs taking the impact. Pretty impressive. I wish Kirk could have been with us.  He was finishing up his second of three weeks in Louisiana.
 There was the normal bucking bronco, with saddle, without saddle, then roping.  These guys are definately athletes. Both man and horse.  And I noticed that the horses that were doing the bucking and the steers were well fed and treated very nice.  They just don't like those straps cinched tight around their groin.  Some of them had shiny coats like a prized blue ribbon horse or steer.  It was good to see that they were well taken care of even though they were doing this intense bucking.
 There was also Mutton Busting where little kids rode sheep.  It was adorable.  A little girl with a pink helmet won.  She had twisted down between the sheeps legs and she was not letting go for nothing.  The guy had to literally remove her to get her off the sheep.  She was the winner.  And she was very proud.
It was a great night.  Just wish Kirk could have been there. 

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Katherine said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fair week, rodeo night. It's all so exciting, dirty, earthy and country. I have a dream of owning my own cowboy boots and maybe....maybe a rhinestone cowgirl belt with a western shirt....COOL! Love the pictures Pam