Sunday, August 5, 2012

Packing for Home

We had been planning to bring part of the play structure home.
But the center beam won't fit.....
 So I cut it off with a circular saw!
Now it fits.
I love this van. It stretched from the back to the very front under Daphne's feet.
And then the rest of the beams fit under the seats.

Getting in as many last minute swims before we leave.  Sugar has her own little lifejacket.  Jared was making bubbles for her to snap at.  She is really cute.
 Here she is snorkeling under water.  This dog loves the water. You should see us trying to catch her when we think she has had enough.  We had to dry her off and put her in the house for her to quit.
 I didn't realize how much our family enjoys swimming.  I loved swimming as a kid at my Grandmothers.  Anything to do with water is fun.
This was our favorite place. Mom and I sitting with a book and a drink.  We had lots of conversations but this brought back memories of hanging out together at the beach with our books. It is very relaxing. I already miss it and my Mom too.
Oh, yeah, the kids and I are supposed to be packing for home. 
Well....... maybe tomorrow.

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