Sunday, August 5, 2012

Visiting with the Darts

 When we met the Dart family, Kaleb was just 5 months old.  So he grew up with them close by.  They are like family.  Jared and Rachelle are the same age and for a time were competing as to who was taller.  For a while there, Rachelle had sprouted early and was taller than Jared for, I think two years.  Well, we moved away and guess what....
Yep, Kaleb is almost taller than Rachelle. 
I am sure it is just a matter of time. 
 We kind of knew this was going to happen. Rachelle was in her glory while it lasted. 
 Most teenagers would have posters of the latest rock bands hanging on their wall.  Not Rachelle, she has her first target practice from the shooting range.
 Notice the neck shots.
 Daphne was so happy, she got to torture Shotzie. Daphne has tortured Shotzie her whole life.  See, Shotzie doesn't like to be held and Daphne doesn't seem to care.  It got to the point that Shotzie would see Daphne coming and would run the other way.  They have love/hate relationship.  Daphne loves Shotzie and Shotzie hates being held by Daphne.
That's okay though, because Emily likes a hug from Daphne.  It was so good to visit with Chrissy and Steve too and their friend from Portugal, Bernardo.  It felt like home.

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