Sunday, August 5, 2012

White Pine Lake

 I seem to be very behind in what we have done this summer.  This hike to White Pine Lake with our friends the Summit's was almost a whole month ago.  Where has the time flown to. I would like to know.  This was a very long hike but absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed every bit of it. I think we all did.
 The wildflowers were blooming everywhere.  I have heard that they weren't even in full bloom yet. When we got to the lake, we ate some lunch and some of the boys went swimming in the frigid water.  I don't know how they do it.  I love water but not that much.  There were still patches of snow on the mountainside.
 This is what you call being DOG TIRED.  We were waiting for the Dad's to retrieve the vans so the rest of us sat on these boulders.  Henry layed down in the middle of the path.  A line of hikers went to walk through and Henry refused to budge.  The hikers had to literally step over him.  He was not going to move.
 We all chose our position of comfort.  Especially Samson. He found a patch of grass to sprawl out on.  Notice where his back legs are so his belly is resting on the cool grass.  Cute.
Little Sapphire, who is still a puppy and just months old walked the entire way. I think she had to be carried after this.

 This was a great camping adventure, with great friends in a beautiful place.  I can't wait to see what these aspen trees among the pines will look like in the Fall.  I know where to come for Fall colors.

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