Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Day of Rest

We really enjoyed having Nana and Poppa here. Jared was happy that Poppa was here. Especially because he was mowing the lawn at the house where our garden is and the dog kennel just reached out and grabbed the wheel on the lawn mower, proceeding to unthread the bottom wire. They fixed it up in a jiffy and was tighter than before....a good thing.
This is the wierdest but prettiest weed. I don't remember it from last year so I can't honestly say that I have seen it before. When they are green, they are the softest pricklies. But when they dry out it reminds me of velcro. I like them, I think they are pretty in a pecular kind of way.
This is the garden 4 weeks ago. Not much to look at. Now the squash and pumpkins have joined rows, the corn is taller than me, the lettuce is completly eaten by human and deer, the beets are bigger than a baseball and we actually have carrots growing this year. Last year they were a sight to see in the inadequate department.
These horses love it when we come to check on the garden. They come to check us out and see if we are going to give them something. Usually just a rub.
Sammy, the headless dog, who can lick the inside of a chip bag with a single swipe.

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