Saturday, August 3, 2013

July 4th, 2013

 What would 4th of July be without spending it with Kathy and Troy in Malad, Idaho. It took us two hours to make a 45 min drive! We were headed out the back way over the mountain and ran into a full on parade down a teeny towns main street. We ended up turning around and heading out the other way. Troy didn't think we would make it in time but we surprised them and made it there for the opening.
 We love to see all these antique vehicles and machinery. It is amazing that some of these tractors actually still ran.
 Victoria came prepared with a bag for the highlight of the parade which is running into the street to catch or pick up the salt water taffy that had been thrown.
 I think the best part, aside from spending time with Kathy and Troy is being outside in the open. It is so peaceful and relaxing.
 We hung out at what Victoria calls the country pool. It is the biggest water trough I have ever seen and Victoria looks forward to swimming in it every year now.
 Just chillin'
 Daphne is here with us. Everytime I was taking pictures, she was obviously somewhere else.
Rich's cat Smokey slinked in for a scratch from Jared leaning over in his chair.

 We were eating the most awesome hamburgers and salad outside when an enormous storm passed through with some pretty intense wind. Most of us picked up the plates and bowls running inside. The boys refused to move their food. So they continued to just sit there with the wind whirling around them grasping at anything not held down. I wish the picture showed how windy it was. you can see Jared's hair slicked back.
 Malad has the most awesome firwork show.....and it is all free. And, they have the kind that you feel in your chest like some sonic boom! We had told Kirk all about it from last year. So now he believes us! Troy totally agreed yelling out everytime you could feel the boom in your chest. It was fun.
 We topped off our night with smores by the fire. With it getting dark really late, I think it was 11 o'clock at night. We had fun and enjoyed every minute with Kathy and Troy in Malad.

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