Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arizona Visitors!

We had the most wonderful visit from our good friends the Darts from Arizona. We have missed them so much since our last visit last summer. We feel lucky that we get to see them since they have family in the SLC area and their beautiful daughter attends UofU in SLC as well. They met us at the Farmer's Market during a thunderstorm that was dumping buckets of rain. They helped us pack up our booth and load the van with dripping wet....stuff. All of our hair was plastered to our faces....well some of us. It brought back memories of when Daphne, and two of the girls would sell shirts in AZ at the Farmer's Market. There was one particular time they were stuck in a down pour and Kirk and I picked them up in the truck where we just literally loaded dripping wet merchandise into the back. It was quite a mess. Our families are intertwined in more than one way. They are family for life.
 We had to shut off the irrigation in the rain so we all attended the event. I know....we were watering in the rain. It wasn't raining when Kirk started the irrigation. While we were showing them all our awesome veges, Steve saw the apples growing in the back and was inspired to make applesauce. So Kirk and he made applesauce that we ate with our hamburgers that Kaleb barbecued.
 We have missed them terribly and were so happy to see them. ...And very tearful when they left.
 There was a time when Rachelle was taller than Jared. And she never let him hear the end of it, knowing that it was just a matter of time before he grew taller than her. Now he towers over her and isn't letting her hear the end of it. I love seeing them all together. It makes me sad. I look forward to the next visit!

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