Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We were so busy soaking up every minute of our visit with Nana and Poppa that I didn't take many pictures. We drove around town so my Dad could get his bearings. I know once he is home he will be on Google Earth scoping out Logan. Their weeks visit was too short and tearful when they left. We are even going to miss Sugar Booger. The doggies were behaving themselves now that Henry is adorned with his new shock collar. No more bolting out the front door for him or jumping all over people when they walk in, or escapading down the street pretending that he is returning when you call him but out for one more sniff....the list goes on.  I will spare you the Henry Saga.

 It was sad to see my parents leave. We have missed them deeply even though we talk several times a week.  BUT....I wasn't sad to see the hermit crab GO! Ba BYE whatever your name is. Kyle left this crab with us 6 long years ago and it never went home. So now the crab is going to it's new home with his girlfriend. WooHoo. That was a long visit for a crab.

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