Thursday, August 15, 2013

Silly the Fish

Victoria has been begging for a pet of her own. She wouldn't accept the fact that all the pets can be hers, we have two dogs, two cats, and a tortoise. What more does she want. Nope, she has been begging for a horse, a puppy, a hamster, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a to call her own.
So we were in the thrift store and found a fish bowl for real cheap. After consulting with the king of the house, we asked Victoria if she would like to use her earnings toward a FISH! Wow, you would have thought we were handing her everything that she has always wanted. The next day we made a trip to Petsmart...not Walmart.....Petsmart, for her soon to be beloved new pet. She chose this cute little fishy which she named Silly. I never knew that a fish would satisfy her insatiable yearning for a pet to call her own. She is very responsible. She has been caring for the dogs for a couple years now to the point that they sprint up stairs first thing in the morning to stare at her in bed begging for their breakfast. So this cute fishy has taken up residence on our countertop knowing that with our luck the thing will live for 3+ years like they all do. Nothing ever dies in our house. We end up having geriatric pets. So we are preparing. Kirk even reminded me of how long our pets live when I asked him if he minded if she had a fish....ONE fish. She loves her new pet and will flip the lights on quickly trying to sneak up on him to see if he is sleeping or not. Is careful to not over feed him and will show me with her body how silly he swims and what he is doing at any given moment. Who'd know that a fish could bring such happiness and satisfaction.

I love this camera. I can get some pretty awesome pictures. So how do you like looking at the fish poop in the bottom of the bowl?

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